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We are now offering virtual as well as in-person assessments specifically for college, technical, and university students needing accommodations

Education beyond high school can be exciting and stressful, especially if you have a learning or attention disorder!  The office of disability services at many colleges, technical schools, and universities provide extensive support for their students with an identified condition that is substantially limiting IF they have a current evaluation (typically within the last 3 to 4 years.) However, once you get to school, it may be hard to find an option for an updated evaluation to get the services you need to succeed. 


Why get an updated assessment?

Many of our clients performed well in school when they were younger, but as they mature and begin encountering new responsibilities as adults, their difficulties become more apparent. College, technical and graduate school come with a new set of challenges that may be tougher to manage than before.  Alternatively, students may have had accommodations previously but need updated testing to maintain their support at the college and university level.

Academic accommodations are typically granted to those who meet criteria as defined by the American Disabilities Act (ADA;  Individuals with ADHD and/or learning disorders who demonstrate functional impairment may qualify for supports such as extra time, note-taking assistance, priority class registration, course substitution and/or many other accommodations with the proper documentation. 

What criteria do I need to meet for a virtual psychoeducational accommodation assessment?

  • A high school senior or current college, technical or university (undergrad, graduate, medical or law school) student

  • 18 or older

  • You were identified when you were in elementary, middle or high school as having ADHD or a Learning Disorder

  • You can provide prior documentation (past psychoeducational report, IEP or 504 plan)

For those students with issues such as:

  • Difficulties processing written material or having to re-read things multiple times for understanding

  • Difficulties with studying for tests or exams

  • Significant effort with poor grades

  • Inability to focus, self-recognized or identified by others

  • Slow reading speed

  • Trouble with organization, time management or starting tasks

  • Trouble keeping up with your workload or assignments

  • Problems completing math or calculation tasks

  • Difficulty with composition or writing

What technology do I need to complete the virtual assessment?

We require that you have access to a computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone. Headphones are also strongly recommended.  Cell phones and tablets cannot be used to complete the evaluation. You'll also need to connect to a stable WiFi network to ensure a strong connection. Hotspots aren't advisable. Finally, a document camera is required but can be provided for a nominal fee if you do not have access to one.  You will also need a private space free from distractions and other people for several hours. 

How much does the evaluation cost?

The virtual assessment for individuals with a prior documented history of attention or learning disorders is $850.  This includes the virtual assessment with our experienced Educational Diagnostician, supervised by one of our Licensed Psychologists.  Our psychologists will evaluate whether or not this type of evaluation may be appropriate for you when you contact our office. 

*Please note - We are not conducting initial evaluations via virtual assessments at this time.  For individuals who have never previously been tested or diagnosed or for younger students, please visit our affiliated website for information regarding scheduling an in-person evaluation at our offices in Marietta or Atlanta. 

Do you accept insurance?

​Given that most insurance providers unfortunately do not reimburse for psychoeducational assessments, we do not take insurance at this time.

Once our clinicians have approved you for online testing, you will complete some forms regarding your background history. 

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